AgaMatrix Europe

Oxfordshire, UK

AgaMatrix Europe is based in south Oxfordshire and is a fully owned subsidiary of AgaMatrix Inc. of Salem, NH, USA.

AgaMatrix Europe was formed in 2007 and supplies its blood glucose monitoring products across Europe. The WaveSense JAZZ™ was launched in the UK in 2009. Since then it has continued to grow every year, with more and more users choosing to use JAZZ.

With the recent changes to the NHS the WaveSense JAZZ™ offers the National Health Service a low cost test strip with a high specification glucose meter that meets the needs of patients with diabetes today.

AgaMatrix Europe offers a range of services to both users of the WaveSense JAZZ™ and the healthcare professionals that help to manage their diabetes.

AgaMatrix, Inc.

Salem, NH, USA

AgaMatrix has produced over 6 million blood glucose meters and 2 billion test strips. We designed, developed and manufactured the first FDA cleared medical device to connect to the iPhone and have won the same design awards as Apple, BMW, and Bose.

We are committed to providing accurate, innovative products for diabetes care. Our next generation biosensors and blood glucose meters feature proprietary WaveSense Dynamic Electrochemistry technology, which extracts a spectrum of information that was previously inaccessible with traditional electrochemical methods in blood glucose monitoring.

Our History

  • 2020JAZZ™ DoseCoach®
    AgaMatrix launches JAZZ™ DoseCoach® - The UK’s first evidence-based basal insulin only advisor with built-in blood glucose meter. This revolutionary device provides an individualised, suggested basal insulin dose through a feature called Dose Helper. Once a patient’s HCP has determined the starting dose, the Dose Helper suggests gradual adjustments (every three days) to the patient’s daily insulin dose until their fasting blood glucose readings are within their target range.
  • 2020Remote Clinic Review Services
    In response to COVID-19, AgaMatrix launches a remote version of Clinic Review Services where uptake of the WaveSense JAZZ™ WIRELESS reaches new levels as managing patients remotely becomes key to helping patients with diabetes stay safe at home.
  • 2016Clinic Review Services
    AgaMatrix launches Clinic Review Services, a fully managed and information governance compliant, free of charge service, overseen by the in-house pharmacy team and designed to take the hard work out of the process of a patient blood glucose meter switch.
  • 2015WaveSense JAZZ™ WIRELESS
    AgaMatrix launches the WaveSense JAZZ WIRELESS blood glucose monitor that connects to the AgaMatrix Diabetes Manager App via Bluetooth technology.
  • 2015Android™ Support
    AgaMatrix releases the AgaMatrix Diabetes Manager App for Android.
  • 2014AgaMatrix Diabetes Manager App
    AgaMatrix continues to release connected health solutions with the AgaMatrix Diabetes Manager App for iPhone®. Users can track glucose, insulin, carbs, and weight data all in one place. Read more or download the app for iPhone.
  • 20131,000,000 Test Strips
    AgaMatrix reaches a milestone with over 1 million test strips per month supplied to the NHS.
  • 2011Preferred Meter
    WaveSense JAZZ blood glucose monitor is chosen by first PCT/CCG in the UK.
  • 2009WaveSense JAZZ™ Blood Glucose Monitor
    AgaMatrix launches the WaveSense JAZZ meter in the UK, featuring Dynamic Electrochemistry®.
  • 2007AgaMatrix Europe
    AgaMatrix Europe is formed to supply blood glucose monitoring products across Europe.
  • 2005Dynamic Electrochemistry®
    AgaMatrix receives FDA approval for their first meter with proprietary Dynamic Electrochemistry®. Using advanced digital signal processing algorithms, Dynamic Electrochemistry detects and corrects for errors caused by differences in blood samples and environmental conditions.
  • 2003Patented Technology
    AgaMatrix files their first patent to protect their innovative, proprietary methods in blood glucose analysis.
  • 2001Start-Up
    Improved Accuracy = Better Medicine
    With this founding principle, AgaMatrix starts out as an experiment on a kitchen table.

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