Clinic Review Services

  • Supportive
  • Integrity
  • Efficient
  • Professional
  • Collaborative
Why, When and Benefits

Switching to WaveSense JAZZ™ using AgaMatrix Clinical Review Services can be beneficial to the practice team and patients for many reasons.

  • You may have a local formulary or guidance to follow.
  • You may want to save money and reduce your prescribing budget. An average sized practice can easily achieve savings of up to £20,000 annually. With the help of AgaMatrix Clinic Review Services, savings can be realised more immediately than a “change as we go” approach.
  • To upgrade your patients’ meters to an advanced monitoring system.
  • To rationalise the number of different strips currently being prescribed at your practice.
  • To undertake a review of strip prescribing quantities and usage in accordance with NICE or local guidelines. At this time we can also identify those patients that do not need to test and those patients who do not currently test that should be doing so (e.g. drivers on hypo inducing medication).

Whatever the reason, AgaMatrix Clinic Review Services will not only save your practice money but will save practice staff man-hours by managing the process from beginning to end.

AgaMatrix Europe staff will adhere to data protection requirements at all times and the entire process will be overseen by an AgaMatrix clinical pharmacist.

A Service Level Agreement which outlines the process and protocol will be provided which will require the signature of a GP or Practice Manager.

Identifying Patients

AgaMatrix clinical staff will run searches on the GP system that are designed to maximise safety and efficiency by identifying current correct and incorrect prescribing. Formulary exclusions will be adhered to. The results of the searches will be presented to the lead clinician for review and approval prior to any communication with patients.

Patient Education and Training

AgaMatrix staff will educate and train patients on;

  • The purpose of testing
  • Good practice during testing (i.e. hand washing, where to lance the finger)
  • How often to test (as per the local guidelines)
  • How to use the WaveSense JAZZ™ blood glucose meter, lancing device and strips
  • Error messages and what they mean
  • How to contact AgaMatrix Customer Care in the event of support or help being needed
  • How to receive free replacement batteries and control solution
  • Explain why old strips for their current meter must be used first
Change of Patient Prescriptions

This will be done by the AgaMatrix clinical pharmacist. At the same time, if agreed, pen needle prescriptions can be changed to TriCare to further save money.

Continued Support

AgaMatrix support healthcare staff by providing product updates, meters, batteries, training staff/patients and installation of our data management software.

Freephone Customer Care is available Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 6:30pm for patients to request free replacement batteries, QC solution, lancing devices and logbooks. AgaMatrix Customer Care are also trained to help customers with any further questions they have on the upgrading to the WaveSense JAZZ.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your team who have been involved in our surgery's switch to your WaveSense JAZZ™ meter. From the outset we received excellent education and support for myself and my nurse colleagues before, during and after this process.

Once the switchover had been agreed I was astounded how quickly and efficiently the process was managed. Searches were made and letters sent out to patients with training dates without delay.

The training days were well received by patients and a great number have fed back to me how much they learnt on those days. Also patients that I have seen in clinic have commented on how they like their new meter!

Practice NurseNottinghamshire

This is a thank you to you and the team at AgaMatrix. We just wanted to say how delighted we were with the company coming in and changing our patients onto the WaveSense machines.

We set up an additional email address that allow patiAs you are aware the test machines we were using were going to be discontinued and the test strips were also costly so as well as saving the NHS and practice money it was also vital these patients were changed before their current test strips were discontinued.

We are a busy practice so for us to arrange for the patients to be changed is very time consuming so it was a relief that AgaMatrix were able to take all the stress off our hands.

It was great that your clinical pharmacist was able to come in and perform a search and print the letters for us to post. We then set up clinic dates with yourself to give out the new machines and train the patients. We were able to set the clinic dates the same days as the diabetic eye screening so it was easy for the patients to be available.

It was great for us to have training on the device so any patients that were not able to make the clinics we were able to train them ourselves.

It was valuable to us that you were able to attend the clinics and carry out the training so as not to use up nurses time or one of the dispensers. Your knowledge on the product was very valuable so we were much more confident you training the patients than us.

I would happily recommend you to any other surgery wishing to do the same.

Thank you again.

Dispensary ManagerGloucestershire

I would like to thank you for all your hard work on this project, you have been an absolute delight to work with.

The service offered was a great way to connect with our patients and a rare opportunity to offer a new free piece of equipment + training.

You representative came into our practice and immediately got to work; setting up & running all searches to identify the patients who would be eligible to receive a new Jazz meter & training. Your representative put together an invite letter for patients and set up a mail merge to run from the searches. These were quickly sent out and the response was fantastic.

Your representative came along and did a full day of back to back training sessions all on a Friday. We received great feedback from our patients, who enjoyed meeting up with other patients and who felt the training was clear, interesting and most of all they felt confident in using their JAZZ meters when at home.

Following such a successful day we decided to send another invite out to those patient who were unable to make the first training session. A couple of days before the 2nd training day your representative came into the practice and telephone all patients on the list to see if she could persuade them to come in. Your representative did manage to get a few more booked, but for those that were unable to attend, she picked up lots of useful info such as correct contact numbers; patients who are now housebound or in care homes etc. This was a bonus.

Once the patient had been trained a Pharmacist then came to the practice and made the switches on the medication for each patient. Finally for patients who did not wish to participate in a group setting, your representative very kindly agreed to come into the practice and meet with patients on a one to one basis.

It has been a huge success and I would certainly not hesitate in inviting your representative back into the practice. Your representative is very personable, sunny & bright and certainly made our patients feel very welcome. Your representative is extremely knowledgeable, worked very hard and overall I felt the service she provided was outstanding.

Practice ManagerHampshire

I would like to thank you on behalf of the GP's, Nurses and Diabetic patients registered at our surgery for the enthusiasm and commitment you have given.

As I'm sure you are aware, we have numerous 'Rep's' telling us what savings we can make, but we have all been totally blown away on the approach and investment you and your company have made in ensuring that our patients have been switched to an appropriate meter/testing strips.

The feedback from patients has been excellent which is not only a reflection on your professionalism and passion, but also ensures that the reputation of the practice is sustained.

Once again, a sincere thank you; you (and your support colleagues) are a credit to your company.

PM Lead and Finance & Development Manager Warwickshire